LSUU teachers and staff provide academic and behavioral help to all students through our Educational Support System. Our schools are committed to teaming with families to identify and develop individualized supports. Health, nutrition, and homelessness and residency issues are addressed first in the school, and then may be referred to the appropriate LSUU central office staff.

The first step for families who are seeking extra support is to contact the school. All individualized support planning begins in the schools. Some supports are developed informally with agreements with the classroom teacher, others are developed through formal teams such as Educational Support Teams (EST), 504 Teams, or Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) teams. In addition to the classroom teacher, these teams may include other staff such as special educators, literacy or math teachers, school psychologist, school nurse, school counselors, the principal.

As the support plan is implemented you should continue to work with your school team. If you have additional concerns that the team is unable to address feel free to notify the principal. The LSUU Director of Student Services is also available to help parents and teams.


Jessica Spencer, Director of Student Services
802-888-4541 x5486

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