A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

In so many ways, our schools represent the heart of what is most important in the communities of Elmore, Morristown and Stowe. We strive to fill a large part of a continuum of lifelong learning opportunities. Our children’s education enhances the economic and democratic fabric that weaves our communities together and brings vitality and vibrancy to our region. Strong school-community partnerships are fundamental to the success of our students, schools and vibrant communities.

All of us here at LSUU, from the board to administrators to our teachers and staff, are committed to ensuring that each and every student in our schools has the structure and supports in place to thrive and achieve success both in and out of the classroom. It is thanks to your continued support that we can make this happen.



Office of the Superintendent

Tracy Wrend, Superintendent

Lisa Cross, Superintendent’s Assistant
(802) 888-4541 x 5512

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Dr. Valerie Sullivan, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
(802) 888-4541 x 5482

Finance and Operations

Andrew Lundeen, Director of Finance and Operations
(802) 888-4541 x 5485

Heidi Lamson, Accounting and Grant Manager
(802) 888-4541 x 5406

Student Services

Jessica Spencer, Director of Student Services & Homeless Liaison
(802) 888-4541 x 5486

Technology and Data

John Meyer, Director of Educational Technology
(802) 888-4541 x 5484

Melissa Gillen, Data Manager
(802) 888-4541 x 5559

Human Resources

Megan Herman, Human Resources Coordinator
(802) 888-4541 x 5487

Health Services

Jordan Myerson, Director of Nursing Services
(802) 888-4541 x 5488

Food Services

Jeff Brynn, Director of Food Services
(802) 888-4541 x 6172

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