A Message From Superintendent Ryan Heraty

Dear LSUU Community,

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus was quoted, “The only constant in life is change.” Over the past two and a half years, our communities have experienced many moments of uncertainty that have required us to change. We recognize more than ever that gathering, celebrating, and coming together is what fills us with energy and joy. In the fall, many of the traditions we rely on to bring us together in our schools were once again put on hold. We clearly saw the impact on not only our students but our adults as well. The beginning of our school year was incredibly hard. Kids were struggling; adults were struggling. The return we anticipated to be “normal” turned out to be, what many have referred to as, the most challenging school year in history.

As the pandemic moved to endemic, things quickly improved. We no longer required masks, and smiles once again filled our classrooms and hallways. Some still wore masks, and that was okay. Everyone’s personal choice was embraced and respected. Our responsibilities shifted in a positive direction as schools moved away from being centers for public health to returning to our core focus on teaching and learning. Community meetings, sporting events, field trips, graduations, drama performances, and many more opportunities to gather and celebrate returned to our schools. A new level of joy and hope was present in our buildings. The resilience and flexibility of our children again reminded us that change can help us grow. We hear so much about what has been lost and not as much about the lessons learned. Although our students have been through so much, they have learned to be resilient, flexible, and most importantly, empathetic. They will take these lessons with them and overcome many challenges ahead.

In retrospect, it has been a meaningful and wonderful school year. We have provided our students with full-time, in-person learning without ever needing to close our doors. We have provided high quality instruction and held students to high standards throughout our district. We have started the process of revising our grading system and created a coordinated curriculum that is vertically aligned from kindergarten to high school. Students have left for summer knowing our schools are filled with adults that care for them. Relationships with families and the community have never been stronger and the priorities we place on mental health and the traditions that promote a sense of belonging have taken top tier. We know when students feel safe, supported, and cared for, they will thrive.

On behalf of our Lamoille South faculty and staff, we would like to thank our communities for your engagement, patience, and unwavering support. Last week, an Evening of Appreciation was held for everyone that works in our schools. This was generously planned and funded by our families and was one of the most powerful and special events I have attended throughout my career. One teacher commented that in over thirty years she has never been treated with such care. Another teacher shared that she could feel everyone’s heart growing. It was an incredible way to end a challenging year and our paraprofessionals, custodians, food service, teachers, administrators, etc… all left knowing we live and work in a special place where our kids come first. Thank you to those that made this night so amazing.

We wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to welcoming everyone back for 2022-2023.


Office of the Superintendent

Ryan Heraty, Superintendent

Lisa Cross, Superintendent’s Assistant
(802) 888-4541 x 5512

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Toni Martindell, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
(802) 888-4541 x 5482

Finance and Operations

Andrew Lundeen, Director of Finance and Operations
(802) 888-4541 x 5485

Heidi Lamson, Accounting and Grant Manager
(802) 888-4541 x 5406

Student Services

Jessica Spencer, Director of Student Services & Homeless Liaison
(802) 888-4541 x 5486

Stephanie Hudak, Director of MTSS
(802) 888-4541 x 5478

Technology and Data

John Meyer, Director of Educational Technology
(802) 888-4541 x 5484

Katy Voyer, Data Manager
(802) 888-4541 x 5558

Human Resources

Megan Herman, Human Resources Coordinator
(802) 888-4541 x 5487

Health Services

Jordan Myerson, Director of Nursing Services
(802) 888-4541 x 5488

Food Services

Jeff Brynn, Director of Food Services
(802) 888-4541 x 6172


Brian Rafferty, Director of Facilities
(802) 888-4541 x 5494

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