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Our week at the Elmore School flew by quickly!  Two snow storms provided lots of fresh snow to play in at recess and allowed students to nordic ski for the first time during our outdoor recreation on Wednesday at Spruce peak!  In the classroom we were engaged in writing final drafts of our informational text, and in math we learned about reading an analog clock.   

Students have been working hard throughout the month of January, planning, drafting, editing and revising their informational books.  On Friday during our morning meeting I asked students to share about some work they are proud of this year.  Several children shared that they are proud of their writing and then read their books to the class.  I was so impressed by the level of work each student produced.  It is clear they have been working hard and that work has paid off!  I also heard comments such as “I love writing!”, and there was disappointment on the days we didn’t do writing due to other scheduled events.  

During Math we began a unit on telling time.  Students learned how to read an analog clock, show the time on an analog clock,  and how to write the time.  First graders worked on telling time to the hour and half hour.  Second graders worked on telling time to the nearest 15 minutes and then nearest 5 minutes, and third graders learned how to tell time to the nearest minute.  While this is not a major mathematical standard, children become very engaged in this work as it feels applicable to them in the real world.  

On Wednesday we had our outdoor recreation at Spruce Peak.  We had several students nordic ski this week, while the remainder enjoyed another week ice skating.  Thank you to the parent volunteers who joined us: Eric Schoeberlein, Shawn Smejkal, Caitlin Mahoney, Samantha Fuller, and Hank Glowiak.  And to the Van Anda / Hart family for providing us with a snack!

Volunteers on 2/1/23 are Shawn Smejkal, (and Bethany Sagent?) (skiing), Steffany Mosley (transporting ski equipment and skating).  Snack is provided by Emily Sorensen

This week we will be working on creating our Personal Timelines.  Please help your child complete the questionnaire that went home last Monday and return it on Monday along with their images (photographs or drawing) of each event.  A community volunteer, Tina Lyon, will be coming to help us with this project today.  

Our 100th day of school will be Thursday, February 9th.  Each student will create a 100th day project.  Please find information about this in their Friday Folders.  

We will exchange Valentine’s (or sentiments of friendship and kindness) on Tuesday, February 14th.  I will send a class list home soon.  


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