Dear Elmore families,

We had another great week at The Elmore School, ended with a beautiful snowy Friday which provided fresh snow to play in at recess!  Students came back to school on Tuesday after enjoying a long weekend with Monday off to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Monday, I spent the day in service, collaborating with colleagues across the Supervisory Union (Morrisville, Stowe, and Elmore) schools.  The elementary school teachers and middle school teachers are working with the All Learners Network on Math Menu professional development.  Wednesday, we had our second ski and skate day at Spruce Peak.  All students skated again for lack of adequate snow cover on the nordic trails at the Club at Spruce Peak.  With Friday’s snow and another storm on the way Sunday night, we should be ready to ski next Wednesday for those interested!  

During our Literacy block we practiced phonemic awareness (hearing an manipulating sounds in words), phonics (applying the sounds we hear to written words), ans students practiced their spelling words in a multitude of ways.  Next week we will be doing a spelling inventory to screen how well students are applying the spelling patterns and rules they have been learning.  Students have also been working on their first drafts of their informational writing.  Last week our focus was writing subtopic paragraphs and conclusions.  On Friday, students began editing and revising their first drafts.  This week, I hope to begin writing book reviews.  

During math, first graders have been working hard to learn “make ten” strategies for addition.  When students have a variety of strategies to use they become more flexible and fluent in their approach to mathematics.  Second graders have been working on shifting 10 and shifting 100 (regrouping) three digit numbers.  Later, they will use this skill to add and subtract when regrouping is necessary.  Third graders completed another unit with a focus on division and relating division to multiplication.  Students also did the STAR math Assessment this week.

Family Hot Lunch was provided by the Bowen family.  Students enjoyed Macaroni and Cheese, peas, and maple cookies for dessert!  Next week’s Family Hot Lunch will be provided by the Glowiak / Mahoney family (TBD).

Please email your school lunch orders to me at this link.

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who joined us for skating.  This week parent volunteers are Shawn Smejkal (ski and transport equipment)), Sam Fuller (skate) and Caitlin Mahoney (ski or skate depending on the numbers).  Snacks are provided by the Van Anda/Hunt family.  Please plan to be at the Elmore School by 11:20 to ride the bus.  We will return to school at 2:30.


Diane Nicholls

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