Dear PAML Families,

Thank you so much for supporting our professional development day for teachers on Monday.  We have come a long way in our re-design of our proficiency based learning system during these days.  This Monday our teachers all completed the development of learning scales aligned to each of the priority standards identified as part of their curriculum.   Math teachers continued their learning with Math Menu and the All Learners Network, which we are finding to be a very helpful strategy to meet the needs of learners at all different levels of. 

We also had another round of learning with regional expert Joelle Van Lent, who has been working with us on practical strategies to help students progress in their social-emotional development.  Her message during this session felt particularly applicable to our middle level population.  She encouraged us to think about stress as a cycle and consider that we can maintain our well-being not by eliminating stressors but by finding healthy ways to move through the stress cycle.  Joelle cited physical movement (of any kind), listening to music, bundling up in a blanket, or completing a simple task all as healthy ways to move through the stress cycle.  I wanted to make sure I share these practical strategies because they can be helpful for students and adults alike. 

Finally, we are looking forward to our second round of Winter activities on January 26th.  Our first round was incredibly successful and we can’t wait to do it again.  As a reminder, your student will participate in the same activity for all 4 sessions.  We had so many awesome photos from last week that I am sharing some more this week below.  We’re also starting to talk about a similar routine for warm weather activities at the end of the school year.  Stay Tuned!

Thank you for your continued support.


Matt Young Principal

Upcoming Dates:

January 26: Winter Wellness Activity #2

February 2: Winter Wellness Activity #3

February 3: No School For Students

February 9: Winter Wellness Activity #4

February 27-March 7: Winter Break

Announcement From The Lamoille Health Partners Community Center

Due to a maintenance issue the LHP Community Center will be closed Thursday and Friday of this week. 

Upcoming Author Visit (3/13)

Steve Sheinkin has written many narrative nonfiction books for Young Adults, books written like a story about true events. His latest book, Fallout, is about the Cold War where both the United States and Russia and is featured on our Golden Dome Book Award list for middle schoolers. On Monday, March 13, Steve will be visiting our school to talk about his book. You can preorder books for this visit through Bridgeside Books using this website by February 27th:

Afterschool Opportunities at River Arts!

Join River Arts in 2023 for some great afterschool opportunities!  Try Unbound offerings at River Arts or one of these great afterschool classes as well:

MONDAYS: Soft Sculptures with Natalie Carr: sewing creative art!   3rd-5th Grade   Jan.23-Feb.20

WEDNESDAYS: Youth Wheel Class for Pottery!   5th-8th Grade    Jan.11-Feb.22

THURSDAYS: Teen Wheel Class.        8th-12th Grade      Jan.12-Feb.23

We hope to see you at River Arts in 2023!

Outdoor Weather Reminder

Cool weather, wet weather, and snow are now part of daily experience for the foreseeable future.  Please keep in mind that our students are scheduled to head outdoors every day for recess.  Students should plan on bringing warm clothes and appropriate footwear with them to school each day.  Families that could use some help tracking down warm clothing and footwear for their student can reach out to our school counselor Jessica Dambach (

Winter Athletic Season

Please be on the look-out for communication about practice and game schedules through “Rank One.”  There are links to the schedules for our teams in “Rank One” below


Boys Basketabll Game Schedule

Boys Basketball Practice Schedule

Girls Basketball Game Schedule

Girls Basketball Practice Schedule

Nordic Skiing Race Schedule

Nordic Skiing Practice

Please sign up your student using “Rank One Here”

Unbound Programming is Up and Running

Our late winter program started back up this week.  There is still plenty of room in many of our programs.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mark McNall or simply fill out the form below. 

We are still hoping for some more interest for our River Arts Graphic Creation program. 

2023 Spring Unbound Info Packet

Trimester Dates

T1: 8/29-11/22

T2: 11/28-3/16

T3: 3/17-6/12

Announcement from Working Communities Challenge (United Way Of Lamoille County)

Lamoille Valley Homelessness Awareness Walk for Vermont’s Homelessness Awareness Day

  • Thursday, 1/19
  • Noon
  • Beginning at Northgate Plaza, Morrisville
  • Open to the Community

Please help bring awareness to our community on Vermont’s Homelessness Awareness Day. 

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