Dear PAML Families,

I’d like to start this week by highlighting a classic activity that kicked off in our building this week.  The “Stock Market Game”  is a memorable and engaging activity that 8th graders participate in to support their learning in the standard: Explain how economic decisions affect the well-being of individuals, businesses, and society  There is something about an activity that involves not only money but also competition that grasps the attention of our 8th graders.  Great job to the 8th grade team for keeping this fun tradition alive! If you happen to have an 8th grader at home be sure to ask them about how they are choosing to invest their money!

I also wanted to share the following book list that includes Edutopia’s 25 Essential Middle School Reads From The last Decade.  I am proud to share that the vast majority of these texts are either part of our curriculum or available to our students in some way in classroom libraries or in the PA/PAML library.  We even hosted one of the authors on this list for a visit here at PAML a few years ago.  In my years as a middle school principal I have been surprised how books written specifically for middle level students draw a reader in.  I would encourage adults to pick up one of these books to read.  Modeling reading for pleasure at home can go a long way in promoting a love of reading for your middle level student. 

Finally, Thank you to our group of parents and community members that make up our PA/PAML Community Advisory Council.  This group has met regularly throughout the fall to work on setting a vision and goals, soon to be followed by action steps, for what we want Peoples Academy (PA) and Peoples Academy Middle Level (PAML) to look and feel like by 2024. We are working through topics, such as, diversity equity and inclusion, expanding before and after school opportunities, and the implementation of a proficiency based system while maintaining rigorous, diverse and inclusive practices. We are identifying specific goals that look like: ‘By 2024, PA/PAML will…

…..have hired multiple black & brown teachers

….ensure the physical space is representative 

….implement internships and community service for all students

….offer families training and education on implicit bias, school culture, and social emotional learning

Please let us know if you want to join the conversation and action steps that will follow. Send us an email or give us a call and tell us that you want to be included in the Community Advisory Committee email group. The more voices the better!

Thank you for your continued support.


Matt Young Principal

Upcoming Dates:

December 9th: No Unbound After School Programming

December 11th: Seussical The Musical Sunday rehearsal

December 13th: PAML Winter Concert

December 19th and 20th: Seussical The Musical performances 6:00 pm

December 23rd-January 1st: December Break

Trimester 1 Mastery Reports

Our updated mastery report that will be distributed soon.  Thank you for supporting our grading last Friday.  I am pleased to report that our mastery reports are complete and we will be distributing them next week.  If you have any questions about your student’s mastery report please contact their TA teacher.

Resources from Cindy Pierce

Several weeks ago we partnered with our friends at Stowe Middle School to offer a presentation to 8th grade families and students from author and speaker Cindy Pierce.  Cindy spoke on topics relevant to all middle schoolers such as relationships, social media, and the dangers around exposure to pornography.  While we couldn’t offer the program to all students and families we are happy to share some resources that Cindy provided below:

11.17.22 Resources for parents – Cindy Pierce 2021.docx

Social Media Guidelines – Cindy Pierce – 2022.docx

Outdoor Weather Reminder

Cool weather, wet weather, and snow are now part of daily experience for the foreseeable future.  Please keep in mind that our students are scheduled to head outdoors every day for recess.  Students should plan on bringing warm clothes and appropriate footwear with them to school each day.  Families that could use some help tracking down warm clothing and footwear for their student can reach out to our school counselor Jessica Dambach (

Winter Athletic Season

Thank you to the folks who have come forward and will be coaching our middle school teams this winter season.  I am happy to report that our season is now underway.  Please be on the look-out for communication about practice and game schedules through “Rank One”

Practice and game schedule can also be found here:

PA Weekly Athletics Schedule 22-23

Please sign up your student using “Rank One Here”

Unbound is In Session!

Please check the link below often. 

2022 Unbound Schedule

Registration Packet

Trimester Dates

T1: 8/29-11/22

T2: 11/28-3/16

T3: 3/17-6/12

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