Dear Families,

Happy New Year to all of our MES community!  Our students and staff returned to school last Monday rested, refreshed, and filled with holiday family stories and traditions to share.  Even with the cold, the fresh snow on the playground is always pure joy for our students. Please remember to send your children to school with extra layers and all the winter gear they need to enjoy their Vermont winters and a 30 minute recess every day (we only keep students inside when the “feels like” temperature dips below 0). We also still plan on getting our students and staff outdoors when we can for mask breaks, ECO, and movement breaks on the track. Pretty soon, all PE classes will also be outdoors as Mr. T introduces lessons in snowshoeing and nordic skiing.  If you need any support in getting proper winter clothing for your child, please reach out.  We have resources to make sure every child can enjoy the great outdoors.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the increase in Covid cases in our area since the break. Here at MES we are seeing this first hand and working quickly to use all of our precautionary and preventive measures to ensure the safety of every student and staff member. Our priority is to maintain full, in-person instruction for all students. Fortunately, we are in a very good position due the work that has been done around air quality, Test to Stay, and, most recently, the at-home antigen test kit distribution. Please remember, if your student is experiencing any symptoms, please keep them home. This is the best preventative measure.  We make our teachers and staff stay home as well if they have even something as simple as cold symptoms. When available, at-home tests are a great way to monitor illness and if you have exposure or concerns about COVID, appointment testing is and will continue to be available.

Important note for parents: If there is a change in your child’s after school routine please DO NOT email that change to the office or classroom teacher. Please use Pick Up Patrol to make that change. We have been fortunate to be able to cover our staff absences with substitutes and other staff within our school, but the chances of an email going unread during the school day are high. If you need help setting up the Pick Up Patrol app, please call the office for assistance, 888-3101.

Interested in volunteering to support MES? Here’s a variety of ideas:

  1. Project-To-Go-Bags – Take home projects, typically available on a Friday for completion over the weekend, but that may vary based on project. Examples include stapling/assembling story books for Kindergarten.
  • ECO (Educating Children Outdoors)  Thurs. (1st) and Fri. (Kindergarten), 8:45am-11:30am – Examples of duties while volunteering include tending the fire, running games, helping students with their gear, and being an extra presence at our ECO site. ECO is outside in light rain and cold temps, so the volunteer would also need to have appropriate gear to wear for an extended period of time.
  • Donate Supplies: The following supplies have been requested by MES faculty: Glue, Craft paper, Glitter/glitter glue, Stickers, Shaving Cream, Non-Fiction Books (mountains, lakes, rivers), Sticky notes (with lines and plain, various sizes), Sharpies (fine point), Firewood and kindling, Plastic spoons, Plastic ziplock bags (snack size), Brown paper bags

Email our Volunteer Coordinator for more information; Amelia McConnell,

Jan. 17 & Feb. 4 – No School – LSUU professional development days

Hope you can enjoy the snow this week, but be careful in those below zero temps coming our way!

Kate Torrey, MES Principal

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