Dear Elmore Families,

Last week was a whirlwind filled with projects, ECO, and special surprises!  Though the air felt more like spring during the middle of the week, students were busy inside the school finishing up their secret Pal Projects!  What I love about these projects the most is the student engagement and thought that goes into each and every project. Every student has persevered through challenges and has set goals and problem solved along the way. Students show empathy and compassion for others as they watch classmates struggle, persevere and solve problems.  I hear words of encouragement and compliments to others as they see their classmate’s projects coming to completion.  While we might be taking some time away from our regular routines, students are growing and learning so much from creating these.  This week I wish to thank Caitlin Mahoney, Megan Batchelder, and Chloe Tartaglia who graciously donated their time to come in to help.

On Monday Mrs. Leopold generously came for a whole class music lesson.  Students had the pleasure of playing Boomwhackers and Hand Bells to a couple of festive seasonal songs!  Later in the week we made jingle bell bracelets and took the Boomwhackers out and played along with some more festive tunes!  

On Wednesday during ECO, our focus was on the coming of the Winter Solstice, birdseed treats for our forest friends (our gifts to them), and we baked bread on sticks over the fire.  Students also enjoyed forest choice where they made fairy house (or mouse houses) and larger den structures from materials found in the forest.  Thank you to our parent volunteers!  

Hot lunch, provided by the Dryden’s, was enjoyed by all on Friday!  The class enjoyed pancakes with maple syrup, and / or strawberries and sausage links.  For dessert they were treated to a green and red jello parfait and gingerbread cookie!  Special thanks to Ann Marie and Everett Dryden for this delicious feast!

We had a second visitor on Friday as Martha Twombly, a well-known Elmore community member, stopped by to read a couple of books to the children and she brought cookies and hot cocoa for them to enjoy! Mrs. Twombly used to attend the Elmore School as a child AND her mother used to teach at the Elmore School (back when there were 8 grades!).  Each student also went home with a small gift from Mrs. Twombly!

Diane Nicholls

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