We had another great week at the Elmore School.  Students were busy making and creating as their Secret Pal projects got underway.  There are so many creative projects and there is a buzz of excitement as kids work to make something thoughtful for one of their classmates.  Our goal will to have our projects completed to present to our Secret Pals before we go on break on December 23rd.  I wish to thank Caitlin Mahoney and Heather Hill for volunteering their time this week to come in and help students with projects.  Having extra hands to help has been extremely helpful!

While projects are underway, students are practicing reading and phonics skills on Lexia Core 5 and reading or writing independently.  

Last week we finished our Read Aloud The Twits by Roald Dahl.  This week we began reading Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo, a sweet story about a young girl and her dog who has a huge impact on the girl’s life.  

In Math, level 1 students are working on adding and subtracting with totals between 6-9 using concrete models (ten frames), pictorial models (number bonds), and abstract models (number sentence).  Level 2 students have been using base ten blocks, and place value disks (concrete) and number bonds (pictorial) to add and subtract within 100.  Level 3 students began using division to solve for the number of equal groups or the number within equal groups using concrete models (arrays), and pictorial models (linear model or tape diagram).  This week students have been enjoying playing the Dreidel Game as a math choice.

ECO – We had another fantastic morning outdoors with ECO on Wednesday.  Our focus this week was animal adaptations, as students learned about bears and why they hibernate. We began in the lower field near the pavillion, where we played Bear Tag, and had snack listened to Miss Carrie tell a story.  Then we gathered our belongings and headed up the trail to where we found a nice wooded area where the children worked in small groups to construct bear dens.  Students had to find a place that would make a good bear den and then collect materials to construct their den. Finally students had to collaborate to build their den structures together.   Thank you to Jess Wills and Caitlin Mahoney who volunteered their time this week.

We will have one more ECO lesson next week before breaking until March.  Next week we will focus on the Winter Solstice and will bring gifts for our forest friends.  We could use a little more firewood and some kindling as we will also be cooking over the fire next week.  I have 3 parent volunteers (Eric Schoeberlein, Bethany Sargent, and Hank Glowiak).  

Reading Reward – Students have reached the Summit of Jay Peak with their reading minutes and have earned another reading reward! Students voted for another PJ/ Stuffy Day and we will watch a short video.  We will plan this for next Tuesday, December 14th.  

Mastery Reports – You will find your students Trimester Mastery Report in their Friday Folder this week.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Diane Nicholls

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