Dear Elmore Families,

We were back in the full swing of things this week as we enter into the busy weeks between Thanksgiving break and our next break at Christmas.  Being such a busy time of year, filled with so much awe and wonder as traditions abound, children are full of energy and excitement.  This week we began planning for our Secret Pal projects.  On Monday they drew names to determine who their Secret Pal would be.  On Thursday the students planned what project they would be making. The first step in the process is to think about what are their Secret Pals likes and interests.  Then students used craft books to find a project idea or they thought about what they would like to make and drew and wrote a plan.  Students also had to write about why the project they choose would make a good project for their Secret Pal.  We will begin working on our projects next week.  These projects will completed at school.

In literacy this week students concluded their first writing unit and wrote one last personal, small moment story in an effort to show me everything they learned about writing a good narrative with a beginning, middle, and end with details and some of the crafty ways they learned that authors use, such as descriptive language, similes, dialog, action, and feelings.

Additionally, all students had math quizzes on Tuesday.  Throughout the week, Level 1 students worked on composing pairs to make 6 and 7.  Level 2 students began adding two double digit numbers to find the sum using base ten blocks and number bonds.  Level 3 students learned the rule for multiplying when one of the factors is 1 or 0, and they used arrays and number bonds to find the product when multiplying by 3.

In Science this week students explored how baby animals have similar traits to their parents.  

During ECO on Wednesday our focus was giving thanks.  We started by playing a fun predator and prey tag game in field where players had to try to avoid being tagged while running through a series of paths.  If a player was tagged they had to say something they were thankful for to be unfrozen.  Then we moved back to the campsite to enjoy snack and a story by the fire.  Then we did a Thanksgiving Address where students were read clues about several items in nature and then express thanks for each (“We give thanks for the birds”).  Students enjoyed forest choice where they whittled sticks with peelers, made thankful sticks, explored the woods, and played a fun Native American math game called Kainsich.  Back at the school, each student spent time reflecting on their experience by writing in their ECO journals.  

Diane Nicholls

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