Greetings Stowe Middle School Families,

In my conversations and observations this week I am getting the sense that our educators and students are settling into routines. As we settle into our routines I anticipate you will see more opportunities for learning outside. This week, I’ve seen advisory, science classes, our unified arts and humanities classes utilize the outdoors. The weather has been incredible and we are doing our best to take advantage of the weather.

Pictured above, this week students in 7th grade have been participating in Nature’s Classroom’s Nature on Wheels Program. The traditional overnight trip pivoted to a multi-day program where educators from Nature’s Classroom are working alongside our educators in outdoor spaces on campus. I am observing innovative hands-on learning experiences that engage, educate, encourage and excite all of our learners. Students are unpacking team building exercises, wilderness survival skills, and scientific inquiry to determine outcomes of an experiment. See additional photos below for more examples of this great experience!

Another area of team building is occurring in a shared sixth grade classroom opportunity between Mr. Tim Waite and I. We are collaborating and teaching a course called Leadership. This course rotates on trimesters and teaches all sixth grade students how to build their leadership skills and capacity. We have already taught students what it means to positively work with others and how to develop self-awareness. In one lab they use a rubber band that has a string attached for each team member. In using this device they have to strategize, communicate and work together to stack six or more cups with only the device touching the cup. Each team member is responsible for goal setting and reflection on their work. We incorporate our scholarly habit of social skills too! See below for photos showing this work.

Last week, I introduced you to our two Physical Education and Health educators. This week, I want to introduce you to our world language educators. Mr. Brendan Mold is new to Stowe Middle School and teaches 7th and 8th Grade Chinese. Ms. Sydney Rybicki is also new to Stowe Middle School and teaches 7th and 8th Grade French. Ms. Heidi Vietze is our veteran world language teacher who teaches 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Spanish.

Above: Sydney Rybicki (French), Brendan Mold (Chinese) and Heidi Vietze (Spanish) make up our dynamic world language team at Stowe Middle.

I am excited to share with you more news about our school’s efforts to promote reading! Our Middle School Lobby is now fully stocked with Golden Dome Books! I encourage parents to talk to their child(ren) about reading. I don’t necessarily recommend a set amount of time to read each night but instead think about how to encourage reading. What a student has for reading stamina each night can vary and make look different for each child. The goal here is to see your child’s interest and stamina to read increase as our school year progresses. As a school we will be working on ways to encourage reading and make reading fun through these books. You could also have your student give a book talk to you. Share why they selected the book they did and what they learned or thought the author’s message was. Students are allowed to bring these books home, but need to keep them safe and return them when they’ve finished reading.

As a reminder to families, the school day starts at 8:00 am.  Students who arrive after 8:00 AM are marked tardy. Please plan to arrive by at least 7:55am for your student to make their first period class on time. We will review attendance at our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences on October 11, 2021. We encourage parents to save the date or mark this on their calendar. We will offer a choice between in-person or virtual. Look for additional details on our structure and how to sign-up soon!

Next week, we will have a learning opportunity for both middle and high school students around lockdowns. Like last year, this will be discussion based and use age appropriate language when we work with students. All educators are provided a script. We ask reflective questions like…

  • How did we do?
  • Did we treat each other with kindness? Did we treat the classroom respectfully?
  • What could we have done differently?
  • Is there anything else we should consider?

We also identify educators that students can check in with afterwards if they have questions. I am one of those individuals that is always willing to connect with students and parents as well.

I look forward to connecting again next week! Remember you can submit a question or comment by clicking here!

Dan Morrison, Principal

Other Stowe Middle School News and Announcements
SMS School Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.
SMS Attendance Phone Number: (802) 253-6913
SMS School Health Office: (802) 253-6913 x1099

Important Dates to Remember
These events are always available on our website too!

  • September 21, 2021 – LSUU Board Meeting – MES Library
  • September 22, 2021 – SMS Picture Day – All Students
  • October 5 – LSUU Board Meeting – SES Music Room
  • October 11: No school – Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • October 11 – Parent Conferences
  • October 19 – LSUU Board Meeting – MES Library
  • October 29: Early Release
  • November 11: No school – Veterans Day
  • November 24 – 26: Thanksgiving Break
  • December 3: Early Release
  • December 24 – 31: December Break

Athletics Update from – Co-Curricular Activities Director
Please refer to the website for all communication regarding practices and game information.

Boys and Girls soccer
Thursday September 23rd

  • Girls White (6/7) Team 4:00 PM vs U-32 @ Mayo Fields
  • Girls Green (7/8) Team 5:00 PM vs U-32 @ Mayo Fields
  • Boys White (6/7) Team 4:00 PM @ U-32 HS
  • Boys Green (7/8) Team 5:00 PM @ U-32 HS

Monday September 27th

  • Girls White (6/7) Team 4:00 PM vs Dog River @ Mayo Fields
  • Girls Green (7/8) Team 5:00 PM vs Dog River @ Mayo Fields
  • Boys White (6/7) Team 4:00 PM @ Dog River, Montpelier
  • Boys Green (7/8) Team 5:00 PM @ Dog River, Montpelier

 Thursday September 30th

  • Girls White (6/7) Team 4:15 PM @ Crossett Brook
  • Girls Green (7/8) Team 5:15 PM @ Crossett Brook
  • Boys White (6/7) Team 4:00 PM vs Crossett Brook @ Mayo Fields
  • Boys Green (7/8) Team 5:00 PM vs Crossett Book @ Mayo Fields

Field Hockey
Monday September 27th vs Barre Town at 4:00 PM @ Stowe HS
Thursday September 30th @ Missisquoi Valley at 4:00 PM   

Cross Country
Saturday September 25th at Quiet Path in Stowe 9:00 AM
Coach McGovern will supply more information.

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