Greetings Stowe Middle School Families,

I want to start this family update with wishing the Jewish community in Stowe a peaceful and meaningful Yom Kippur.

As we complete our third week of school we have seen students settling into their routines. Unfortunately, COVID cases are rising in Vermont’s schools. We have no COVID cases to date at Stowe Middle School, but are preparing in the event it happens. We are committed to keeping our students safe and doing everything possible to keep school open five days a week. Additionally, we are focused on keeping learning and instruction on track while providing opportunities like Advisory to meet students’ social emotional needs.

Our team at Stowe Middle School has identified a few areas for adjustment, and we are confident that these steps will reduce the number of students who could potentially be a close contact if a positive case were to occur. We will review these updates on Friday morning with our students.

Here is an outline of what we will be discussing:

Illness:  If a student is showing signs of an illness that match potential COVID symptoms, please keep them home. Schoology is up and running and students can go there to check for assignments, classwork, etc. Remember to call in absences to Ms. Nancy at 802-253-6913 or email her at Thank you in advance for supporting this; we want to keep our students safe and healthy.

Masks: Students need reminders to wear their masks properly. Please review proper mask wearing with your student. This includes making sure masks cover their nose and mouth. Outside mask breaks are still being offered.

Lunch:  We have configured our cafeteria to safely seat our students and have returned to using identified seat markers. Adults will maintain accurate student seating records. When we are outside for lunch, we are asking students to maintain a safe distance from each other.

Recess: When weather is inclement and we can’t go outside for recess we allow for quiet indoor activities in our learning spaces. Our gym is being used by the high school and is not available at this time. We suggest students bring in their favorite card game (like Uno, for example), a silent reading book, etc. and leave it in their locker for situations when we can’t enjoy recess outside.

Music: We are excited to see band and chorus return at Stowe Middle School. Students who are in band/chorus will need to stay in this assignment.

Bus Transportation:  We need to maintain accurate seating charts on our buses and will be implementing seating assignments related to school and athletics.

End of Day Pick Up:  One of our goals is to minimize wait time and not cause traffic to stop on Barrows Road. In order to assist with this, as parents arrive in our pickup lane we ask that you continue all the way to the stopping point. Please don’t scan for your child while driving or stop when you see them if you are not at the stopping point of the pickup lane. Thank you for your support. 

Now onto some of the fun things happening at Stowe Middle School!

This week, I would like to introduce you to our TWO physical education and health educators. Many of you know Joe Yalicki (left), but new to the Stowe Middle School family this year is Patrick Kantlehner (right).

Mr. Yalicki and Mr. Kantlehner are both instructors of physical education in middle and high school. They both teach high school health and are looking at ways to incorporate wellness and health into our middle school curriculum too! Stay on the lookout for more information on this as the year progresses! See below for an example of a recent Physical Education class!

Dan Morrison, Principal

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Other Stowe Middle School News and Announcements

Important Dates to Remember
These events are always available on our website too!
September 21, 2021 – LSUU Board Meeting – MES Library
September 22, 2021 – SMS Picture Day – All Students

LSUU Return to School Handbook 2021-22

Vaccine Form – If your student is eligible for the vaccine, we are requesting that you complete an attestation form. We will only use this information for potential close contacts and this will help us with keeping our students in school. If there is a positive case and your child is a close contact quarantine will be necessary, even if there are no symptoms, without evidence of vaccination.

Athletics Update from – Co-Curricular Activities Director
Fall Sports are underway.  Please refer to the website for all communication regarding practices and game information. Check out our athletics page!   

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