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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are off to a fantastic start this school year.  The students are all so excited to be back, getting to know their new teachers and making new friends.  You can expect your child to be a little exhausted this week as there is so much to learn and practice, and so much excitement at recess!

Today, we had our first fire drill, for real, with the very loud siren and evacuating the building.  This was very new for some of our students since we only talked about fire drills last year, but didn’t actually do them.  Ask your child how they felt about it and if they knew what to do.  Everyone did a great job following their teacher’s directions. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will practice our lock down drill.  Just so parents are aware of how we handle this at MES, we announce “Clear the Halls” over the school intercom, and all students are taught that means they go into the closest classroom or office.  Everyone scatters and hides in the room, shades are pulled, lights are off, and everyone stays silent while I go around and check the building. Our students usually do really well with this safety drill, but sometimes while discussing the need for it with their teacher, the conversation drifts into all the “what ifs”.  We try not to let their imaginations run wild, so our message is always to follow the adult directions, no matter what, and you will be safe. If your child talks about the lock down drill and has any worries or anxiety, please let your classroom teacher know.

We are now asking parents to please say your goodbyes to your children at the front door in the morning. Our first priority is to keep school open 5 days a week for everyone, so we are taking extra safety precautions and limiting large crowds inside the building.  You are still welcome to come into the building for a meeting or conference with a teacher.  And you can always come into the lobby if you need to talk to Kris in the office. The most important thing all parents can do to ensure our school stays safe and healthy is to keep students home if they are sick – even a little sick.

COVID UPDATE: Jordan Myerson (pictured above) is the LSUU Director of Nursing & CCID Coordinator.  Jordan is an amazing resource for our district and he is very knowledgeable about COVID in general. If you have a question or concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to him. The LSUU Return to School Handbook is attached here for your reference.

Although meals are free this year to all students, it is still important to fill out an application for free and reduced meal benefits. There are several advantages to both the schools and families tied to the application process. Find the link here: Free & Reduced Meal Application.

Just a reminder, please remember to send a healthy snack in with your child, as they need mid-morning fuel to keep them going until lunch!

And this from our Tech Dept.:
Parent Portal Memo to families – August 30,2021

Thank you to all our families for doing a great job with the annual e-registration. We had the most registrations at the start of the year by far. Again, thank you. However, we understand that many of you encountered issues or are encountering issues when trying to login or complete your registration. We are aware of two issues that we are working with PowerSchool support on. One, password resets do not seem to be working reliably. Two, once logging in, the screen hangs and does not allow the user to do anything. If you are experiencing either of these two issues (or other issues that we are not aware of) please reach out to tech support at to open a support ticket or call 888-4541 x5099.

Our apologies for your frustration and thank you for your patience and helping us work through these issues. If you or your student needs a reminder of your user name and password, please reach out to your school or use the support contacts above.

September 3 and 6: No school
September 16: No school – Yom Kippur
September 21: School Photo Day
October 11: No school – Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Vaccination clinics this week:
Friday 9/3, (9-5): Morristown Elementary, Pfizer
Friday 9/3, (3-6): Cambridge Rescue Station, Pfizer and J&J
Saturday 9/4, (1-4): Stowe Community Church, Pfizer and J&J
Mondays (7:30-11:30) and Wednesdays (1:30-5:30): Hardwick Area Health Center, Pfizer

You can review more vaccination opportunities here or at your local pharmacy.   Additional information on booster shots can be found here.

Kate Torrey, MES Principal

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