A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

There is no question that this has been a challenging year. But as we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year we can look back and say, “we did it!”  Last August, we completely redesigned schools to prioritize COVID-19 mitigation.  Today we are operating comfortably, with masks and physical distancing, and exciting new practices such as integrated technology, outdoor activities, and expanded emphasis on social-emotional learning.  All schools have planned thoughtful celebratory events to mark the end of this school year and students’ transition to their next steps in a journey of lifelong learning.  Together we rose to the pandemic challenge, and we can look forward to the benefits of our new learnings and strengthened relationships as a foundation for recovery in what is expected to be a normal school year in 2021-2022.

While pandemic response was our priority, we also made significant progress advancing racial and social equity within LSUU.  The LSUU board will be warning an Equity Policy for approval at their next meeting, which will serve as a guide for continuous improvement work and decision-making going forward.  The board also committed to adopting a Flag Policy by the end of September, 2021, which will support students with a process for communicating the district’s values and mission, while ensuring respect and honor for the United States and Vermont flags.  These seemingly small steps are essential foundational pieces to ensure that all students and families feel welcome and able to thrive in LSUU’s schools and communities.  Research tells us that the practices that promote racial justice and equity in school increase achievement for all students, and are essential for the well-being of those who are historically marginalized. 

As this is my last E-Newsletter, I want to thank everyone in the LSUU community for your shared commitment to the success of every student. It has been an honor to serve as Superintendent for LSUU over the last 14 years. There are more caring, hardworking individuals than I could possibly thank. Public education is our society’s most important responsibility for supporting a vibrant democracy, healthy children and families, and a strong economy.  I am grateful for having had the opportunity to partner with you all in service to these important missions.

Thank you.


Lamoille South Unified Union Board Brief
June 1, 2021

Flag Raising Presentation: Student representatives from SHS’s REACH and PA’s Racial Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Group prepared a thorough and thoughtful presentation, with a request that all LSUU campuses fly the Black Lives Matter and Pride flags as soon as possible. The students shared results and conclusions from recent surveys conducted at SHS and PA, and outlined benefits of flying both flags. 

The board voted to approve their recommendation, and the district will also adopt a formal policy that allows similar requests to have a process.  Please take a moment to review their informative presentation.

Thank You: This meeting was Tracy Wrend’s last board meeting as LSUU Superintendent.  On behalf of the communities of Elmore, Morristown, and Stowe, we would like to thank Tracy for her 24 years of dedicated service to students in our district!

Summer: Our June 1 meeting was also our last regularly scheduled board meeting for the 2020-2021 school year.  The LSUU board will continue to meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month, with our first regular meeting of the 2021-2022 school year scheduled for August 17 – hopefully in person at Morristown Elementary School.  Our appreciation to all that have joined our zoom meetings over the past year, and we hope to continue to offer a similar avenue for participation in the future.

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