Greetings Stowe Middle School Families,

Our first full week back with everyone in the building was successful! I had the opportunity to join recess (both outside and inside), lunch in the classrooms and I’ve been an instructor recently too (more on that later!). I think the most exciting part of this return to more in-person learning and this time of the year is we are starting to see a return to more of a community feel in our school. For example, we had the opportunity for over thirty students to participate in Green Up along Barrows Road! Only, a few short months ago that didn’t seem possible.

This year at Stowe Middle School each grade level taught at least one social justice unit within the literacy/language arts curriculum. We keep refining this work based on best practices for anti-racist curriculum, literacy and disrupting text protocols. I’ve had the good fortune of joining our 7th grade team for their unit! I’ve been team teaching with Ms. Jenn Childress and it’s been great! We’ve used the Introduction from the book STAMPED to introduce history in a different way to our students. We’ve built on topics like dominant culture and social identities within our worlds and our books. For example, we might ask students to look at dominant culture in Vermont and the United States and then compare their social identities to how that fits. We shift this work to examining the social identities of the main characters in their books. Of course, all the books take time at different periods in history and we make connections via our reference book STAMPED and other sources. This ends up creating several crosswalks for our students. If you haven’t read either of the books below, I highly encourage you to check one out from your local library!

An area of support that we need is at end of day dismissal. Too many middle level students are running in front of cars, or being picked up outside of the loading zones. Please help us by only picking up your student(s) in the loading zones.

As a reminder, our SBAC Language Arts tests are both TOMORROW and THURSDAY. We will begin the tests at 8:50AM. Please do your best to support your child(ren)’s attendance on these days! Tomorrow students can wear pajamas and Thursday they can wear Green and White to show school spirit!

Dan Morrison, Principal

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