4th graders’ Abenaki projects

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have had a great start to our week after vacation.  Ms Leopold, our music teacher, has been working remotely all year, sending students their music lessons through SeeSaw on Wednesdays, but this week she has been back in the building delivering music instruction to a few classes outside.  The students were so excited to see her again. Our faculty were very happy to be able to have our first in-person faculty meeting on Monday, all together in the gym, rather than on a screen.  We’re starting to feel hopeful that school is getting back to normal.  We are in the process of making our plans and schedules for next year with the assumption that we will be back to a full 5 days a week of in-person instruction.  Of course, no promises – we still have to wait and see how the CDC and AoE guidance shifts, but we are planning for the best scenarios.  If there’s one thing we learned this year, it’s that we are very capable of thinking flexibly and shifting to a new plan if it’s needed.

At the 4/20 School Board Meeting, Superintendent Wrend announced that the state has approved the continuation of the free meals program this summer for all children 18 and under, AND free breakfast and lunch for all school children through the next school year. As soon as we have details we will let you know the process for picking up summer meals. I want to congratulate our kitchen staff who are preparing the meals for all of Morrisville’s students over at the PA kitchen and truck it over here to MES every day.  They offer lots of breakfast choices, lovely salads, several types of sandwiches, and a hot option every day.  And now they have found a way to provide school lunches for the Elmore school as well.

As the Covid-19 Safety Guidance has been relaxed a little, our LSUU health screening process and the survey have changed slightly (linked below).  Parents should still fill out the screener at home (we still have the QR codes if you need one – just ask) and take their child’s temp each morning (we also have extra thermometers we can give you – just ask). If you can’t fill out the screener at home, we still have greeters in the front circle every morning who can help with that, but we’re no longer taking temps at school or on the bus.

LSUU Health Screening Form (Updated 4/22/21). Please note: many of the previous security protocols remain in effect.  Frequent hand washing, physical distancing, mask wearing and staying home when sick are still critically important.

As noted in Tracy Wrend’s recent messaging to families, you are asked to pay attention to Vermont’s quarantine guidelines and contact MES at 888-3101 or Jordan Myerson at 802-585-4087 to let us know if a student will be absent due to a Covid-19 related quarantine. Siblings of close contacts or siblings of individuals who are ill may attend school, unless they are also a close contact with someone who is positive for Covid-19 or ill themselves, as per a directive of the Agency of Education.

Additionally, new travel guidelines have been issued as part of the Vermont Forward Phased Reopening Plan and there is new testing and gathering guidance for Vermonters Traveling Out of State. Please contact Jordan Myerson should you have any Covid-19 related questions these resources do not cover.

I’d like to thank the parents who took the time to fill out the PBIS Family Climate Survey.  This graph shows the results (top score is 4) and we couldn’t be more pleased with these results.  Thank you for participating!

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week:
We don’t have a parent organization this year, who in the past always laid out a beautiful lunch for our staff on Teacher Appreciation Day.  But perhaps your child could make a simple card or write a note of appreciation for their teacher.  You would be surprised how much that simple gesture means to a teacher – we all get so tickled by their little love notes!

And here’s your Community Resources:

Farmers to Families
The Vermont Foodbank has extended the Farmers to Families Food Box program through May.

  • This Thursday, April 29, in Morrisville, as well as other locations around the state.
  • Registration required

Rent Right Program
Provides participants the skills, materials, and confidence necessary to find and maintain stable housing. Participants receive Preferred Renter Certificate.

Green Up Day

  • Click here to learn more about this yearly event where we clean up trash in our communities after the snow melts.
  • Raise awareness of substance misuse in our communities when you participate in Green Up Day by keeping a count of how many substance-related items you find. For information (including safety) and to record your findings, click here. Questions: brian@healthylamoillevalley.org

Kate Torrey, MES Principal

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