A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

Thank you for your responses to the LSUU Family Survey, Spring, 2021.  The Board and Administration will be reviewing your feedback in the coming days and weeks as we work to grow and improve.  Of note, 70% of respondents said they feel our students should spend more time learning in-person at school right now.  Even more, 76%, say our COVID-related health and safety measures are about right.  In the coming weeks, we will continue to work on increased in-person learning time, while sustaining our commitment to responsible health and safety practices. 

Advancing in-person learning while ensuring safety is a heavy lift that will require all hands, given that safety and togetherness are often in conflict in the context of COVID-19.  We can only take meaningful steps towards more in-person time when both guidance and local conditions allow.  We expect updated guidance soon.  In the meantime, please ensure your family follows guidelines, including keeping a close eye on your teens.

We understand that teens are behaving as they normally do, and the impacts of the pandemic have been particularly hard on this age group.  It is also painfully oxymoronic that to get to more social interactions and healthy risk-taking, teens need to refrain from taking risks and socializing for 4-6 more weeks or so, while at the same time the “spigot” is opening for more options.  We understand that parents are exhausted by the impacts on them and the demands the response has placed on them as parents, too.  However, the more we prevent spread, the sooner we can return to a more normal life. 

As the opportunity for more in-person learning approaches, we will be looking for evidence that all are following guidelines, case rates are lower among age groups for each school level, and the vaccination status of employees, with a benchmark of 80% of employees fully vaccinated, two weeks after a second dose or a one dose vaccine.

In the meantime, we have already taken steps to increase in-person time in small ways, such as by using Wednesdays for assessment and learning activities for some students at some schools.  We are also prepared for increased in-person time in more significant ways, such as four days per week for 7th and 8th graders.  And, we are working on options to ensure the important events at the end of the year like graduations, end of year celebrations, and transition events can happen safely and with as many students, and families when applicable, participating as possible. 


Lamoille South Unified Union Board Brief
April 6, 2021

Superintendent and Principal Search Updates: The screening committee for the Superintendent search has interviewed six candidates and will meet with our NESDEC representative to determine which candidates to move forward for further consideration.  We will continue to provide updates as the process unfolds.

The SHS principal screening committee has recommended two candidates for additional review.  Tracy Wrend will meet with each and work with NESDEC to finalize reference checks and organize community involvement.

Best Use Facility Study: LSUU contracted with NESDEC to conduct a Facility Best Use Study. The goal of the project was to provide a basis for decision-making regarding future grade level re-configurations, building renovations and/or construction and alternative facility use. John Kennedy and Karen LeDuc of NESDEC joined us to provide a comprehensive review of their findings.  

The NESDEC Team analyzed district and municipal records and data provided by Town Officials and local realtors. The study also included an analysis of present and planned school programs and the facilities needed to provide these programs. Members of the NESDEC Study Team reviewed key building information provided by administrators from each of the district schools. School documents, including goals and curriculum and program information, were studied. Although the study did not include a capital asset assessment, the NESDEC Team did review pertinent facility maintenance and capital improvement needs information provided by the district.

The full study is available for review on our website.

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