Greetings Stowe Middle School Families,

To start off this week’s Family Update, I wanted to focus on safe and healthy schools. Last week, Stowe Middle High School completed our bimonthly fire drill. Prior to the fire drill our educators review a mini lesson plan to help students identify safe and healthy exit and entry strategies. We talk about social distancing, wearing masks, listening for adult directions, etc. during the drill. This mini lesson is aligned with our advisory system’s core values of belonging, kindness and willingness to grow. Stowe High School Principal Gretchen Muller, Stowe Schools Facilities Director and I invited Mike Ganz and Scott Reeves from the Stowe Fire Department on site to observe the drill (see photo below). After our fire drill we used after action review to identify strengths and areas for improvement for our next dril. We appreciate our community partnerships and their time to help our school improve our readiness.

Recently, I am receiving a lot of questions about travel for April’s Spring Break. I anticipate more school specific guidance soon. Currently, families who have traveled out of state must have their students quarantine 7 days after they return home and receive a negative test before they are allowed to return back to school. If you have questions, please contact Janet Godin ( and Jordan Myerson ( You are welcome to include me in these emails too

As highlighted above one of our core values in advisory is practicing growth mindsets. We completed our King Arthur Bake for Good program this week in advisory! Yes, we’ll still accept donated bread for our community partners. We wanted to share that our educators initially planned this bread making activity for the one week of the year but in our work we had the opportunity to learn that our Jewish community members cannot make or consume bread (or other foods that rise) during Passover. With that sense of belonging we extended our break making project into a second week. We appreciate our friends and community members who checked in on this extension for our students. We appreciate your kindness and understanding. Our students have donated over 50 bread products to date! Yeah! If you still have flour products and need support in making the bread items here is the instructional video to bake the bread and the recipe booklet (included in your child’s baking kit).

Below is our SBAC schedule that is coming up after break. Students in the online Lamoille South Collaborative Virtual Academy will be able to register for our upcoming SBAC tests soon. Look for these details next week.

I look forward to both the upcoming sunny warm weather days and in the near future seeing revised state guidelines that allow us to map out the rest of 2021 for our middle school. Thanks again for your support!

Dan Morrison, Principal

Important Dates:
April 19-23th: No School – Spring Break

May 31st: No School – Memorial Day

June 10th: 8th Grade Graduation

Math Update: Here is the link to listen to Mr. Morrison review the slides in a video recording.

Advisory Update: Please click this link to learn about the Bake for Good program we are participating in this month!

Athletics: Thank you for a great winter season! Please return your Middle School Basketball uniform to Ellie in the main office.

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