The consensus is in, and March definitely came in like a lion and went out like a lamb.  We had such pleasant spring-like weather the last couple of weeks and then BAM!  Winter is back!  Despite this, spring flowers are beginning to sprout and soon our April showers will bring May flowers!   We just need to be patient a little while longer.  The ice on the lake is melting and this morning we spotted a pair of ducks and a pair of geese swimming on the lake. 

In the classroom, students drafted book reviews as part of our persuasive writing unit.  We used a planning packet to help focus our writing.  Next week, I would like to wrap up this unit as we prepare to write a keepsake class book which we will publish into a hardbound book that parents will have the option to purchase.  We will conclude the year with a final fiction unit where students will write imaginary stories.  

Students were progress-monitored this week with STAR reading.  I was impressed at the growth I saw for many of the students. We finished our read aloud, Dear Austin, Letters from the Underground Railroad, and we began a new, more light-hearted book titled: The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron.  

During math, first graders worked on regrouping to make ten when adding 9 plus some more.  Second graders are comparing numbers within 1,000 presented in the standard (numeral) form, expanded form, and written (word) form using <, >, = symbols.  Third graders used the break apart and distribute process for solving multiplication and division problems involving 8.

In Science this week, we learned how sound, light, and color can be used as a means of communication (think fog horn, lighthouse, buoys, bells, horns, traffic lights, etc.).

Diane Nicholls

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