Spring is officially here and the weather this week did not disappoint!  The snow has melted from the majority of our playground and pick up soccer games have resumed!  The swings have been busy and a “band” is in the works. We even ate lunch outside on Thursday!  It seems there is a new energy as we shift into our final trimester.  

During Writer’s Workshop students continued writing persuasive letters.  Our focus this week was generating ideas and writing to change the “world”.  

During Reader’s Workshop we focused on the book Stone Soup by Jon J. Muth.  We did repeated reading of the story with a different focus on the characters each time. One day we examined how the characters changed throughout the story.  On another day we explored character motivation.  Students were asked to show evidence from the book to support their claim.  We used a reader’s theater script to practice a group reading of the story.  Each student was assigned a part to read.  Students worked on developing a character voice and reading fluently. We concluded the week by making “Stone Soup” which we sampled on Friday afternoon.

In Math, first grade began module 2 with a new focus on place value.  This week we explored the idea of addition with more than 2 addends by making a 10 (3 + 7 + 4 = 10 + 4) using a number bond model and drawings.  Second grade continued working on place value and regrouping.  This week they had to rethink their idea of tens to include how many tens are in number 256 (25 tens).  Third grade this week is learning about using the associative property to solve harder multiplication problems.  The associative property allows us to shift the parenthesis within a problem when the operations are the same, thus creating a more friendly problem to solve.

In Science we explored light.  First we learned about how light affects sight.  Then we explored using light as means to communicate.  A traffic light is an example of this.  Students worked with a partner to create their own light signals to send a message.  

On Friday, Ms. Molly came with another engaging lesson for Farm to School.  We started with a book about planning and caring for a garden.  Then student brainstormed what they would like to grow in a garden at the Elmore School.  The each drew a garden plan and students each planted a seed to grow for our future garden.  We ended the day with a blind taste test of purple, orange, and white carrots.  In the coming months we will be preparing our garden space and planting our new school garden.  

Mastery reports should be ready to go home shortly.  I have not received printed copies from central office quite yet.  If you have questions after reading through the report, please reach out. 

Just a reminder as we approach the last part of the school year.  While more and more people in VT, including grandparents and many of you, have gotten, or will shortly be getting, your coronavirus vaccine, our students will not be eligible for a vaccine until a vaccine is approved for children under 16.  The State of Vermont continues to require a quarantine if unvaccinated individuals travel in or out of Vermont.  This means if you choose to travel outside of Vermont with your child (unless for essential travel reasons), your child will need to quarantine at home for 14 days or 7 days and a negative COVID-19 test before they can return to school.  I know we are all anxious to get back to our “normal” lives…and it is coming!              

Fully vaccinated individuals can travel to Vermont without quarantine restrictions.

Click here for more information on Travel and Quarantine requirements.

Diane Nicholls

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