It was another quick week in the classroom.  The promise of springs arrival was evident.  With days get warmer and the light stays longer, we are all getting anxious for the snow to melt and to spend more time outdoors again soon.  As the weather allows, we will once again transition to eating outdoors which will allow us to have lunch and recess all together.  

This week students began drafting persuasive letters.  There first letter was written to me persuading me to spend $10,000 on something to improve our school.  Then, students were encouraged to think of a cause they would like to write about.  I also continued assessing reading levels this week with individual students as time allowed.  

During math this week we attempted to get back on a more regular schedule. I was able to meet with each grade at least once.  3rd grade worked on decomposing (break apart) and distributing to multiply and divide unit of 6 and 7.  2nd grade worked on using place value disks to represent a 3 digit number on a hundreds chart, and first graders worked on subtracting within 10 using a number bond and number sentence.

This week students explored concepts of transparent, translucent, and opaque as they begin learning about light in our sound and light waves science unit.  As a follow-up activity the students created the “stained glass” windows pictured above.  

This past week also marks the one year anniversary of our school closures due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  This past year has been an extremely stressful year for everyone, but we also have so much to celebrate!  I feel so grateful to be part of the Elmore School Community. We have not been able to return to “normal” yet, but we are getting closer all the time!  Thank you all, for welcoming me to the Elmore School last fall, and for all you have done and continue to do to support your children while we have gone from fully remote learning last spring, to split hybrid at the beginning of the school year, to four days in person (full attendance) with one day remote. COVID-19 remains a threat and we are still seeing outbreaks in communities close to us.  We need to continue following state guidance on social distancing, continue wearing masks, and washing hands often,  BUT…we are getting closer to getting back to our normal lives.  

Finally, I wish to thank you for taking time from your busy lives to meet with me this week for our Parent / Teacher conference.  It was so nice having a chance to connect with you all and share your child’s achievements!  2nd trimester Mastery Reports will be forthcoming in the next week.  Once you have had a chance to look it over, if you have any questions, please reach out.

Diane Nicholls

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