This week students enjoyed some warmer temperatures as spring gave us a little preview of days to come!  This weekend we spring ahead, setting our clocks one hour forward brings the promise of longer days!  I finally made it back to the classroom on Friday, after recovering from a severe muscle spasm in my back. During my absence, the students were in the very capable hands of Mrs. Bellavance along with some help from staff at MES and Elmore’s own local celebrity, substitute teacher, Jon Gailmor.  

We continued crafting persuasive essays.  I had a chance to read some of these on Friday.  Persuasive essays are a little different because students need to think of a cause that is important to them or something they really want.  In the process they have to think about why someone else might not agree with them (another perspective) and include this idea and then write a rebuttal to it.  Next week we will shift this writing style slightly to draft persuasive letters.  Students also spent time each day reading and had some practice and review time using Lexia Core 5.

During Math this week, students worked on problem solving, practice with fractions, Dreambox, and completed their math menus.  On Friday, third graders worked with me on using the “break apart and distribute” (distributive property) of division as a way to solve division problems involving larger numbers.

Science lessons included using observation skills (remote lesson), and students continued learning about sound and vibrations (sound waves).  Students created a “head harp” using a piece of string wrapped around their head going over the top of their ears.  Students plucked the string creating a vibration.  They explored with adjusting the length of the string to see how that affected the pitch of the vibration.

Our current chapter book read aloud is titled Dear Austin. Letters from the Underground Railroad. This story of friendship is told through a series of letters written by 11 year old, Levi to his brother Austin, telling tales of how he helps his young African American friend in his harrowing flight along the Underground Railroad where they meet Harriet Tubman (known as Moses).  

On Friday students had fun creating three-dimensional sculptures using aluminum foil.   Students were asked to think of an activity they enjoy doing and then molded their sheet of aluminum foil to show the action of the activity they choose.  This was our first work with 3D art forms this year.  Students learned that three-dimensional art is unique because it can be viewed from all sides.  

Diane Nicholls

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