Greetings Stowe Middle School Families,

I wanted to thank all of the parents, students and educators for making our pivot from a snow day to a remote learning day successful! Our educators overwhelmingly appreciated having the advance warning the night before to prepare for their remote day. I recently reviewed parent, student and educator feedback from yesterday.

Here is a sampling of parent feedback:

“Both of my children say that they learn more when they are on live meets like today, but they both also dislike being on the screen all day long. They are both good independent workers and I think they would both benefit from a mix of live meets and independent assignments. In an ideal world, all remote days would have a bit of each, but would not be entirely live or entirely independent.”

“The schedule document with attached links made it so my son knew what he was supposed to do and when, therefore I didn’t really have to be involved throughout the whole day. Yay!!”

“I am thankful that my child was still able to get instruction today even though it was a remote day.”

Here is a sampling of student feedback:

“I thought it was awesome! Classes were interactive and fun.”

“Classes were fine but I feel like a zombie though because of the screen time!”

“I think remote days would be better if we did this kind of remote day regularly because I like the google meets more than working by myself.”

Here is a sampling of educator feedback:

“I had fun, productive classes. All the students attended and were engaged. I did a couple of interactive activities that went well.”

“I enjoyed my classes, I experienced high attendance, cameras on, and good participation.”

“The day and time on google meets flew by. The schedule was clear and students showed up for the google meet. So nice to see their faces.”

From this feedback, I am anticipating adjustments to the ‘traditional’ remote learning Wednesdays. We will build off of this successful remote learning day when our Winter Break ends on March 2, 2021. The first day back after Winter Break is Wednesday, March 3rd. This school day will still be remote but students and parents can plan on a remote day similar to our snow day pivot to remote learning.

What you can do to prepare for a successful remote learning day on March 3, 2021.

  • Students reported higher levels of success when they wake up early enough to eat breakfast and prepare their environments for learning. Students reported lower levels of success when they wake up and jump right into learning. We suggest students give themselves at 30 minutes to eat breakfast and prepare for the learning day.
  • We will welcome students back on March 3rd with a school wide community MEETing at 9:00 AM hosted by Mr. Morrison. Advisory and their attendance will follow at 9:15 AM.
  • We will provide a blend of LIVE Google Meets for instruction and asynchronous learning activities will be posted.
  • Mr. Morrison will provide the schedule on Monday, March 1st to our news and announcements and email our students on Monday and again early Wednesday, March 3rd.
  • We encourage parents and students to review the schedule together. Specifically, looking at the time built in for screen breaks, wellness, and lunch. Students will benefit from taking screen breaks as scheduled, having lunch and going outside for fresh air!

I will continue to use after action review to make the best and most informed decisions for our students and their learning. Our educators are working hard behind the scenes to provide high quality learning experiences, participating in professional development around technology tools and figuring out how to meet the needs of our students.

As always, I welcome your questions or comments. You can submit a question or comment here.

Thanks for reading today’s update! Please read below to see our school’s announcements.


Dan Morrison, Principal

Please review our health and safety guidance below:

We recommend that all SMS students exercise the utmost care in following all health and safety guidance from the Vermont Department of Health.

  1. Do not gather outside your household except for essential purposes.  Stay home when sick.  Wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and ensure physical distancing with others. Consider how best to follow these guidelines in your home without compromising social-emotional well-being.
  2. Contact your primary care provider if you have questions about your or your student’s health, or if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms.

Contact Jordan Myerson (802-585-4087) if your student or someone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19 or received a positive COVID-19 test result.  Learn more about getting tested in Vermont.

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