Our MES School Spirit Crazy Hair Day was a great success.  Thank you parents, for helping your child to participate and coming up with some really wacky and adorable dos!  It was fun.

Our next School Spirit Day will be next Tuesday, 12/22, Pajama and Stuffy Day (or comfy cozy wear, like sweats, a bathrobe, slippers, etc.). The stuffies will be for your child only to hold or keep at their desk.  They will not be shared with other children (Covid-19 rules).

As the holidays approach, our teachers have lots of fun activities planned for the students, but please remember that we can’t accept home baked goodies (Covid-19 rules).  If you would like to give your teacher a gift, please consider a small donation to our Morristown Cares Fund in the teacher’s name – that would mean so much, as this fund does a great deal for our families in need.

We have been incredibly fortunate (lucky??) at MES to still not have had a positive case of Covid-19 in our school.  But we know it is spreading all around us, as I am sure you are aware from the different school closures that have happened in our region.  Your vigilance in following health and safety guidelines, wearing a mask everywhere you go, and keeping children home when sick is paying off and helping us stay strong with our in-person instruction.  We are fully prepared with remote instruction plans, if we need them, but we are really hoping to not have to use them.  Your teachers LOVE having the students with them, so let’s keep up the good work you are all doing to prioritize school staying open.

Please remember that it is critically important to follow Governor Scott’s newest Executive Order which prohibits gatherings with people from other households. This includes both inside and outside social gatherings, in public and private spaces. This also means that children should not be having playdates, or sleepovers. Hopefully, if we all stay within our family units, we will stop any further spread of the virus in our community. MES teachers and staff are sacrificing their family holiday plans, travel plans, and gatherings, because they truly want your school to stay open and safe. We are all in this together.

A note about your child’s Mastery Report:  I’ve had a few students ask me why there were absences listed on the report when they didn’t think they had been absent any days.  I reminded them that on remote days (3 days a week in Sept. and early Oct. and every Wed. since then) that if they didn’t attend the teacher’s Morning Meeting and didn’t do their remote assignments, they were marked absent for the day.  Many students seemed surprised by this, even though teachers were very clear on the requirements and assignments due on remote days.  Another reminder in this regard – Wednesday 12/23 is a school day and attendance will be taken, so please make sure your child attends their Morning Meeting and gets the teacher’s instructions for the day.  As always, if you have any questions about your child’s Mastery Report, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Wishing you all safety and good health,
Kate Torrey, MES Principal.

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