Dear MES Parents and Guardians,

We will have our first MES School Spirit Day this Friday.  Crazy Hair Day! Watch for the flyer in Tuesday’s folder to help remind you.  This is one of the kids’ favorites.  Don’t miss out! We’ll take lots of pictures.

Students can still bring in their cardboard creations for our Winter Wonderland Village.  We have quite a display set up in the cafeteria and would love to have more.  Students can create any kind of house, holiday display, or tree and decorate it with winter snow and their favorite holiday decorations.

Many parents have questions about the specifics in the Governor’s orders about multi-household gatherings, what’s permissible, and what’s not, and this is now a question on the daily screening process.  To clarify, the document linked below has answers to some of those questions:

FAQ: Guidance for Schools Related to Limits on Multi-Household Gatherings (12/3)

Another question has been added to the health screening:

“In the past 10 days has anyone in the household been told to stay at home or quarantine for Covid-19 purposes?”  Please pay close attention to this, as now, if someone gets possibly exposed to a positive case at school, whether it be a student or someone who works in the school, the school may send out a message or email that asks everyone in that student’s household to quarantine. 

We are trying to isolate this spread of the virus as much as possible so that school closures, if they have to happen, are quick and responsive to a targeted group.  Our goal will always be safety first, but we also want in-person instruction to continue as much as we possibly can.  Again, we thank all our MES families for their constant diligence and honesty in answering the screening questions.  As always, call the school if you have questions about whether your child should come to school.

Mastery Reports for Trimester 1 should have come in the mail by now.  If you haven’t received one for your child, please call Kris in the office.  If you have any questions at all about how to read the Mastery Report or how your child is doing, please contact your child’s teacher.  They will be happy to walk you through it.  The shortcut in this report is to look at the color coding and for any yellow highlighted areas in your child’s scores.  Yellow indicates that the child is not quite performing at grade level expectations in that one proficiency target, for this time of the year.  This is an area where the student could use some extra support, and your child’s teacher would be glad to explain what we are doing at school and what you could contribute at home to get the student caught up to the grade level expectation in that area.

Stay Safe,
Kate Torrey, Principal

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