Dear Stowe High School Families and Students,

On Thursday, December 3rd, we learned of a positive COVID case in our schools.  As a result, all Stowe schools closed for in-person instruction.  Based on information and data from the Vermont Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we know that the COVID-19 virus can spread without any warning signs.  Therefore, given the circumstances, Stowe High School, along with the other Stowe schools, will remain in a remote learning setting through Friday, December 11th.

LSUU is asking that all students who were in the building for in-person learning on Monday, November 30th and Tuesday, December 1st carefully follow guidelines from the Vermont Department of Health.  We recommend that all: 1) Exercise the utmost care in following all health and safety guidance from the Vermont Department of Health; 2) Do not gather outside your household except for essential purposes; 3) Wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and employ physical distancing protocols with others; and 4) contact your primary healthcare provider if you have questions about your student’s health, or if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms.  If your student or someone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19 or received a positive COVID-19 test result, please contact LSUU’s Director of Nursing Services, Jordan Myerson (802-585-4087).

All of our faculty and staff have been planning for this possibility and will be prepared to work with students remotely next week.  We will continue to follow the schedule outlined here.  We will start each day in advisory.  The purpose of starting with advisory is provide students an opportunity to check in with a trusted adult in a small group setting as well as receive any news and announcements from the school.

Since we were remote on Friday, December 4th, the plan moving forward is that all students will attend their classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will be for individual student support with teacher office hours.  Based on feedback for a full remote week, students will not follow cohort groupings for next week.  However, in some cases, a teacher may determine that it is appropriate to meet with cohort groups separately to start the week to align class lessons and assessments.  In these situations, the teacher will communicate with their classes about specific course plans.  Students are encouraged to start each day by checking school email, their calendar, and Schoology for teacher communications.  In addition, teachers may use both synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning strategies to ensure students have work time and are not in front of a screen for full days.

We know that this shift may cause students to feel anxious, scared, and/or confused.  We encourage students to reach out to their school counselors and advisors if they need to connect with an adult to talk through their feelings and thoughts or answer any questions they may have about the current situation, classes, and next steps.

We will continue to provide updates as we learn more information.  Thank you for your continued support, flexibility, and understanding during this time.

Gretchen Muller, Principal

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