November 24, 2020

Dear MES Families,

I walked around the school today and asked students what they were thankful for.  The most popular answers were my parents, food, snow, and pets.  A few even said school!  Our MES Faculty and Staff have been learning about self-care – so important in these stressful times.  An important element of self-care and a good stress reliever is practicing gratitude every day.  During this pandemic crisis, and especially with all the sacrifices families are making with their holiday plans, we hope you can practice gratitude and be thankful this time of year for the precious things in your life.  Ask the children, they always have a refreshingly innocent and honest view about gratitude.

The MES teachers and staff are especially grateful for you, parents. Your honest communication with the school, keeping kids home when they are sick, restricting your travel, and following all the health and safety regulations have played a big part in why our school has remained open and safe.  Recently, the Governor issued new restrictions on family gatherings due to the uptick in positive cases in Vermont.  This is understandable, especially when the data shows that most of the school closings in our local area have been a result of small family gatherings where Covid-19 was spread. We are therefore asking that all families please take the Governor’s restrictions seriously, and celebrate your holidays with only those living in your household.

Starting on Monday, November 30th, there will be an additional question on the health screening survey:

“In the past 10 days have you or any member of your household attended a multi-household social gathering either indoors or outdoors?”

New AOE guidelines state that anyone who answers yes, along with all members of their household, will be excluded from school and asked to quarantine for 14 days or after 7 days and a negative result on a PCR  test.

We are so grateful that MES has not had a positive case of Covid-19 among any of our students and staff – but we’ve had some close calls and close contacts.  We are grateful to be open for four days a week of in-person instruction, and we really want to keep it that way.  Help us keep MES open.  Please keep your families safe and healthy. 

With gratitude,
Kate Torrey, Principal

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