We would like to thank our families for working to keep our community safe by following the recommended state and school guidelines this fall.  Thank you for taking the health and safety of our community seriously.  We know that many of you have concerns and curiosity as schools around us are closing temporarily and you are learning about positive COVID-19 cases in our region. Based on our current information and facts, we are not planning to close in-person learning at this time.

We would like our families to know that we previously worked hard to prepare a Daily Schedule during School Closure (Fully Remote) and plan in the event that Peoples Academy has to move into remote learning for an extended period of time.   As we move closer to the holidays and individuals are now gathering indoors, it has become clear that COVID-19 cases are on the rise and it is a reality that modifications in our new normal may be necessary.  We want to ensure our families that we plan on smooth transitions and consistency for our students and families if our school community is required to close.  Our hope is that with this proper preparation we will adjust to remote learning without gaps in our learning, providing consistency for our students and families.

If we are required to shift to a fully remote schedule we will move to the *Daily Schedule during School Closure that is displayed below.  With this remote schedule all students will participate in each class on a daily basis and continue their valuable work and learning. There will not be Green and Gold Days, but we will continue with a Flex Schedule on Wednesdays. Students have been informed by their teacher on how to connect remotely during a closure. The links to these class meetings can be found in student’s Google Calendar & Schoology. Additional information on specific course expectations may be emailed by teachers.

*Depending on the timing of an announcement, we may need a school day or two to prepare and we may start a closure with students in their Green & Gold cohorts for one day, like we will for snow days.  In this scenario, we will follow our current schedule remotely. Example – Monday is a normal hybrid school day: green cohort comes to school. Tuesday is a snow day or remote day, so there is no in-person learning, but gold cohort students attend a ‘snow day’ google meet (green is welcome to join, but not required beyond normal remote day expectations).

OSA (One Small Act), PA’s student-led Environmental Club recently published their first issue of the “Green Butterfly”, their new informative newsletter. Full of useful economic and environmentally sound information, it’s well worth a few minutes of your time.

NHS Holiday Toy Drive: It’s that time of year again! Peoples Academy NHS is doing its annual toy drive, which this year is extra important due to COVID-19. One of the boxes for the Toy Drive is going to be located in the main office at PA. This year we will be accepting new books and toys and gifts will need to be unwrapped.  We understand that this year is hard for everyone, all donations are appreciated but don’t feel pressured by any means. The event is starting on November 9th and we will stop accepting toys on December 2nd. Happy Holidays!

Remote Learning: Check out this resource to help motivate and organize your student’s remote day learning.

Guidance Announcements

Junior Parent Night: Junior parents and students, please join us on Thursday, November 19th at 5:00 pm to discuss what to expect senior year around the college application process.  This event is a Google Meet, access our Junior Parent Night here.

Recommended Remote Day schedule for a high school student:  Whether or not a class meets during remote time, students need to complete work during remote days.  Remote days are not a day off.Thoughtful use of remote days will improve student connections and inspire engagement.  Having a structured and consistent schedule can be a key to success when working remotely. Hybrid learning Strategies.  It’s helpful to wake up and start your day within 1 hour of when you start your in-person day (your body and mind respond well to routine). Participating remotely will look different in each class. Our School Counseling Team has prepared this tool to help students plan their day.

College Virtual Visits: Our current list of College Virtual Visits is available – please check back as we will be updating regularly. 


Winter Sports Registration is OPEN:  All student-athletes must be registered BEFORE the start of the season DEADLINE: November 30th (HS)/December 7th (PAML).  To register, parents/guardians must login to their PowerSchool Parent Portal (click for link) and complete the necessary eCollect form. We will NOT be offering paper forms this year.  Step by step Instructions for Registration.  Sports physicals have been given a one year extension for all students in grades 10, 11, 12.  Incoming 9th graders will need one completed within the past two years. Please make sure you attach this physical to your registration form.

Boosters Apparel:  Boosters is happy to offer your last chance this year to order PA themed clothing! All orders must be made online with a debit/credit card.  Attached is a PDF with ordering instructions. Order deadline is Sunday, November 29th with delivery to school between December 14th and 17th.  Now’s your chance to get your SWAG!

PA Athletics Website  is our one-stop shop for all athletic informationFollow us on Twitter @PeoplesWolves for the latest updates on current games.

Important Dates

11/20 – Early Release

11/25 – 11/27  Thanksgiving Break

11/30 – Winter Sports Start

12/24 – 1/1  December Break


Holiday Travel:  As you likely are aware, cross state travel now requires a 14 day quarantine period as the virus again surges both regionally and nationally. With the holidays approaching, all of us here at LSUU ask that you pay close attention to the State Guidance and avoid travel to anywhere whenever possible.  If you travel with your family outside of Vermont during the holidays, you will be required to keep your children home upon return for the recommended time period. Please do not put your child’s school at risk by sending your students back to school when they should be staying home.

Snow Days Are School Days: The colder weather is here and we are seeing snow in our mornings.  With this seasonal change comes potential school closings for snow days and inclement weather.  In the event of a snow day or inclement weather, PA has devised a remote learning plan so that students can continue with their courses.  When we have a snow day, we will follow our current schedule remotely. Example – Monday is a normal hybrid school day: green cohort comes to school. Tuesday is a snow day, so there is no in-person learning, but gold cohort students attend a ‘snow day’ google meet (green is welcome to join, but not required beyond normal remote day expectations).

How Contact Tracing Slows the Spread of COVID-19: Please enjoy this short informational video on contact tracing and key factors to look for when contacted.

Schoology Access: If you would like Schoology support, including access codes, please contact Michele Walker, michele.walker@lsuu.org or 888-4600.

Morning Screening:  It is highly encouraged that families complete their own LSUU Health Screening form prior to approaching the building, we will take your temperature when you pull up.  This speeds up the screening process as a whole.  For the safety of our screeners please wear a face covering while dropping off students in the morning.

Lunch Available: Monday-Friday REMINDER:  Free lunch is available to anyone 18 and under Monday-Friday, following the school calendar, even on remote learning days, no pre-ordering needed. Please note pick-up times:  9:30am-10:30am at the entrance to the Peoples Academy Gym

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