Dear Parents and Guardians,

Over the summer several of us had tremendous vegetable gardens, including here at MES and in the PA greenhouse.  Our students are still enjoying veggies from our school garden!  Molly Geller, LSUU Farm to School Coordinator, has been cooking up squash, pumpkin seeds, and some amazing pancakes for our students.

Outdoor learning continues.  We have really been making an effort to be outside as much as possible.  Students have had nature scavenger hunts on our trails and explored leaves with magnifying glasses.

And, of course, there’s pumpkins and writing in shaving cream:

Older students have been experimenting with changing states of matter (last week’s snow helped with some cool observations) and building three- dimensional maps to show the topography of Vermont.

Our thanks to Mr. Zac Cota for bringing the Firetruck to MES so our Kindergarteners could see what a fireman looks like in all their gear (and not be afraid of them should one appear in their house).     

Please remember that Wednesday is a day off for students due to teacher in-service – no Morning Meetings and no remote work due.

Mark your calendars for November 20 – early release, dismissal at noon.  Please be sure the office knows if your child has to take a different bus to get to daycare.

Reminder: No more staggered drop-off at MES arrival.  All students should be dropped off between 7:30am and 8:00am.  Students arriving after 8:15am will be marked tardy.

It’s going to be a gorgeous week, and we are excited for additional opportunities for project-based and outdoor learning.

Stay healthy and stay safe,
Kate Torrey, MES Principal

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