A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

We have reviewed the data from the LSUU Family Back to School Survey – Fall, 2020 and are pleased to report that the vast majority of respondents feel confident that our children are in a healthy and safe environment while in school. Additional highlights from the survey include:

  • 87.4% of respondents reported it was easy to follow LSUU’s COVID-related safety measures;
  • 81.7% of respondents report that they feel valued and respected when they contact their school; and
  • 79.1% of respondents say they are comfortable communicating with their student’s school.  

Of course, there are also those who remain frustrated with some of our protocols in the age of COVID and this, too, was reflected in the survey. We are working to address those frustrations and have recently provided clarity on why we are not increasing in-person instruction at the high school level and are working towards improving the rigor of our remote courses. 

Holiday Travel –  As you likely are aware, the number of regions that Vermonters can travel to without requiring a 14 day quarantine is rapidly shrinking as the virus again surges both regionally and nationally. With the holidays approaching, all of us here at LSUU ask that you pay close attention to the Cross State Travel Information site and avoid travel to anywhere that is not a Green area. Travel that results in mandatory quarantines and student absences strains our ability to effectively operate our schools, so please think carefully before planning any holiday travel. 

If you travel with your family outside of Vermont during the holidays, you will be required to keep your children home upon return if that travel was to a Yellow or Red area on the Cross State Travel map. This is due to the increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 in these areas. The same concern applies globally to travel on airplanes, regardless of destination. Please do not put your child’s school at risk by sending your students back to school when they should be staying home.

If your children are required to quarantine, the guidelines say “14 days and symptom free, or 7 days followed by a negative COVID-19 PCR test.” The rapid antigen tests are not a substitute for PCR testing in any circumstances under the current guidelines. Since you have to wait for 7 days to get the COVID-19 test, and then wait for the results, you are required to keep your children home from school for almost two weeks even if they get tested. Please keep this in mind while making holiday travel plans and notify your school if you do intend to travel to a Yellow or Red area with your family. 

Consider applying for part-time or full-time work with us, as we are in need of paraprofessionals and substitutes. During COVID-19, we cannot welcome volunteers, but we’d be delighted to have more employees and are willing to accommodate flexible and part-time schedules provided candidates meet our rigorous background and reference check requirements.  


Lamoille South Unified Union Board Brief
October 20, 2020

MES students practice mask wearing and social distancing while waiting to wash their hands.

Elementary School Updates
Board members were pleased to view the enriching presentations from MES Principal Kate Torrey and SES Principal Nina Slade.  We are impressed with the number of families who participated in recent conferences: 91% for MES and Elmore and 98% for SES.  Our thanks go out to everyone – faculty and staff at all levels – for the extra work they have done during this time.

LSUU Back To School Survey
We reviewed the feedback received from our recent survey.  Over 850 people responded and provided us with indicators of how they are viewing the work of our district during this pandemic. One theme that is clearly evident is the respect the community has for our teachers, and we couldn’t agree more.  A board member subcommittee will complete a qualitative data analysis on some of the information to identify trends and emerging themes.

Board Meeting Moved To November 2
Our regular board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, has been moved to Monday, November 2, due to November 3 being election day.

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