Dear PAML Families,

I’ll begin this week with a few calendar announcements:

We’ve set aside Friday, October 16, as a day focused on conducting student led conferences.  There will be no in-person or remote activities on Friday.

On Monday, October 19, we’ll be welcoming all students back to the building on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday will continue to be fully remote.  

I am thrilled to report that we are ready to transition to four days per week of in-person instruction for all students on Monday, October 19.  We have developed new plans for lunch, expo classes in the upper house, and worked hard to streamline our arrival process to get ready for this change.  Our students are reporting feeling safe and ready to take on the challenge of attending school safely with more students.  We have had an absolutely fantastic first chapter of this school year, and we are excited to take this significant step forward.   

In the slideshow this week I’ve included a new brochure for Unbound, slightly adjusted bus routes, and other general reminders.  I received two questions in our form this week.  The questions address concerns about travel and support for students who aren’t able to come to school due to quarantine or illness.   

There is a link to our morning screening survey below.  It will continue to be extremely helpful for our screening process to have the form started as you drive up PA hill, especially when there are more students coming into the building each day.  As I mentioned to students in our community meeting on Wednesday, our new motto for arrival is “Bring the Hustle.”

Thank you all so much for your participation and support during this first chapter of our school reopening.  Our ability to welcome students back for more in-person instruction is due to our success in this first phase – and that success is due in a large part to you.  Thank you!  

This week’s video recording

This week’s slide presentation

Screening survey

Google Form for submitting questions

Matt Young, PAML Principal

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