Dear Families,

The most exciting change this past week was the opening up of our playground.  Students have been patient and understanding, and were so happy to be able to climb and spin and swing again. Hands are sanitized before and after use, and masks are worn while on the playground because we can’t always guarantee that children will stay 6′ apart on the equipment (but the kids don’t mind – they say it helps keep their face warm!).

The next big change coming is on Monday, October 19, when all students, Green and Gold Cohorts, will be coming to school together on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday will remain a remote day for deep cleaning of the buildings.  Watch your teacher newsletters for information about student expectations to attend a Morning Meeting on Wednesday and remote work expectations, both on their tech device and with paper materials.  Teachers will also offer Wednesday Virtual Office Hours so parents (and kids) can connect virtually or call and ask questions.

Staggered drop-off times remain the same:

          7:30am for 3rd and 4th grades (classes start at 8:00am)

         8:00am for K, 1st and 2nd grades (classes start at 8:30am)

You may still choose the earlier time to drop off all your children if that works better for you. Teachers are in their rooms by 7:30am.

NEW procedures for parent drop-off:

Beginning this week, we will invite families to start the screening process prior to drop off.  You may download the LSUU Building Access Health Screening to your phone or scan the QR code:

 This code is also posted outside our school entrances. When you arrive at school, a staff member will take your child’s temperature and you can enter it into the form after having filled in answers to the other questions. We’re hoping this step will make screenings quicker as we welcome all our students together on the 19th. If you would like assistance loading this app onto your phone, we can show you how to do that at school.

As the weather is getting colder, our thermometers are not reading accurately.  We may start taking the students into the lobby to take their temperature, then we’ll come out and let you know what it is so you can enter it into the form, or if we’re filling out the form, we’ll be sure to let you know when your child is cleared.

Friday, October 16 – Parent Conferences. No school.  Please call Kris 888-3101 to make an appointment for a virtual or phone conference.

Friday, October 30, is a FULL day of school, not an early release day as on previous calendars.

Kate Torrey, Principal

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