Dear Families,

I wanted to share with you a message Wendy Monahan, our amazingly talented Guidance Counselor, sent to the SES Faculty and Staff a few days ago:

“Last year 2 of our students wanted to support a local family. These students were self-motivated and garnering support from peers.  It was heartening to see. I have just received an email from them again, although they have moved on to SMS.  This is what they said:

Hi Mrs. Monahan,

Hope you are doing well. I love the Middle School but I miss SES soooo much. Do you remember last year when my friend and I got together to help a family in need? I remember you saying they need stuff all year round. I was wondering if you knew of a family in need that I, or we, could help every so often with a few goodies… Do you know of a Stowe family who might be interested in welcoming donations (clothes, food, toys, household goods, blankets?)  

My feeling is now, more than ever, we need to foster love and support in our community, and having this be student-driven is essential.  I’m sharing this with all of you for two reasons:

1.  Thank you for being an important part of raising children that make our hearts burst with pride.

2.  If you think you know a family who would benefit from this and would be receptive, please let me know.”

This goes full circle. It is truly the epitome of kindness, graciousness and generosity in action.  I am tremendously grateful for our altruistic former students, who have enthusiastically embraced the spirit of philanthropy… and I am equally appreciative of the efforts of Wendy to encourage and support our amazing SES family.  We are simply very, very lucky to live in a community whose members look out for each other, who are always willing to extend a helping hand and minister to those in need.   If your family requires assistance or support, please reach out to us.

On to business… We have met the DOE requirements for the Egress Fire Drill and Lockdown Drill, as both have been conducted within the first 30 days of opening the school.  With a focus on limiting student movement and social distancing, the Fire Drills and Lockdown Drills have been modified to protect the health of faculty, staff and students.  Under the new guidance, further drills will follow an instructional model or will be delivered in a discussion format. I am attaching the new guidance here for your review. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

As we look to invite all students back to school for four days of in-person instruction on Monday, October 19th, we will make some shifts to our screening procedure. Beginning next week, we will invite families to start the screening process prior to drop off.  You may download the LSUU Building Access Health Screening or scan the QR code:

(Use the camera app or QR code reader on your mobile device to scan the code above to go to the Google form)

and when your child arrives at school, a screener will take their temperature.  You may then record the results in the form and your child will be cleared to enter the school.  Our drop-off time will be extended until 8:45 AM, as the number of students increases while, at the same time, our screening process is expedited. 

Our move to Step 3 will incorporate Unified Arts classes. I am pleased to report that next week, UA classes in K – 3 will begin, with grades 4 – 5 starting the week of 10/19.  We are certain your children will be thrilled to spend time with Mr. Barney (PE), Ms. Hoffman (Art), Mrs. Faith (Library) Señora Reina (Spanish) and our new Music teacher (while Mrs. LaClair teaches remotely), Ms. Leopold.

I do have one critical request concerning the PickUp Patrol dismissal procedure.  Please remember to update your child’s default plans in PickUp Patrol to accurately reflect their typical dismissal on the four days of in-person instruction.  You can, of course, make plan changes in PUP until 1:00 PM each day your child is in school.  Your cooperation has been outstanding thus far and I have no doubt you will continue to make your child’s dismissal process as seamless as possible for them.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Nina Slade, SES Principal

Update from our School Nurse Mary Karen Crawford

NEW COVID-19 Information for Families Return to School Following Illness

NEW  UVMch Pediatric flow chart **What to know if your child gets sick, and when they can return to school.

Health & Travel FAQ

  • When will I be notified when someone in our school is confirmed positive with COVID-19? This is a tough question to answer clearly and concisely. If anyone in our school community is confirmed positive or under investigation for COVID-19, that individual or individuals will be quarantined and follow the guidelines set forth by the VT Department of Health. We strive to notify ANYONE in close contact or possible exposure as soon as possible. This could be a couple individuals, a whole class/grade, or in extreme circumstances, the whole school. Each case or suspected case is handled with full caution and our protocols have worked thus far. Our school administrators and contact tracing team work very hard with the VT Dept of Health to mitigate and get information out to families as soon as possible. We take our school community seriously and want to keep everyone safe and healthy. We also urge our school community to communicate with us and are here to help in any way we can.
  • If I travel out of state to an area that was originally Green and turned Yellow or Red when I was there, will I have to quarantine? Per the VT Travel guidance, you will NOT need to quarantine if on the day of your arrival, the town was “Green.” If it turns yellow or red when you are there, VT goes on guidance on “day of arrival.” The website will be updated EVERY Tuesday beginning September 22nd.

  • If I have a family member that needs to travel out of state or fly for work, will I need to quarantine my kids when the family member returns? No, you will not need to quarantine your children or keep them home from school.
  •  VT Travel Guidelines and Guidance for Vermonters can be found here:
  • What do I do if my child is sick or unsure if I should send my child to school? If your child is exhibiting any of the following: fever of 100 or higher; coughing that won’t stop; diarrhea or vomiting; rash with fever; head lice; eye redness/itchiness with discharge, please keep your child home and alert the school. Calling your Family Physician for further guidance/appointment is appreciated.
  • How do I know if my child is experiencing seasonal allergies or COVID related symptoms?  Sometimes it is hard to decipher what is a COVID related symptom and/or cold or seasonal allergies. Allergies can range from mild to severe. Allergies are caused by your immune system overreacting to normal things after being triggered by: dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, etc. COVID is a virus and spread through droplets by: sneezing, coughing and close contact. Here is a good visual from the CDC that helps us see some differences in Allergies and COVID:

Temperature & Screening Updates

  • Mornings are getting colder! As we are all learning and working together, we are finding that thermometer readings aren’t 100% accurate. The main objective for temperature checks is a quick reference to see if your child has a fever and/or exhibiting other symptoms.
  • Heat on in the car, wearing hats and extra layers can affect the readings. We are attempting to check 3 times before using an oral thermometer. We feel this will help distinguish between an inaccurate reading and a fever. We appreciate your patience with this process.

Flu Vaccines

  • If you are getting a flu vaccine this year, call your Family Physician and schedule an appointment. It’s that time of year!

Friday, October 16, NO SCHOOL

Teachers have sent out Google Meet or Phone Invitations to Parents.

Children will not be attending these conferences.

Free breakfast and lunch is available for children 18 years of age and younger.

Please pre-order lunch for in-person learning days.  All options will be available for pick-up, Monday-Friday from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the front entrance to SHS or the gym entrance at PA/PAML.

PB&J and ham sandwiches will be available daily, please email to request.

Vegetarian and gluten free sandwiches also available, please email to request.

All meals come with a fruit, side vegetable and milk.

Banking with Union Bank started on October 6th!  Important information about the program and instructions on signing up can be found here.  This is a fun activity for the children and encourages them to start thinking about saving for their futures!

2020 Vermont Youth Environmental Summit

Please watch this informative and timely video on Electricity and Climate Change – For the 2020 Vermont Youth Environmental Summit:

It is an excellent overview of electrical generation and the delivery of electricity – and how it impacts our environment. Students, parents and teachers will enjoy!

Messages from the PTO

We are excited about the upcoming Wreath and Citrus Fundraiser! This annual event (previously spearheaded by the 6th grade) has been transitioned to SES. The fundraiser was very successful last year, thanks to the amazing efforts of our students  and the generous support of our local businesses. This fundraiser will allow us to increase our contributions to grade specific enrichment that has previously been paid for by families, as well as continue to provide PTO funded enrichment programs into the school curriculum. Packets of information were sent home with your child, including instructions and order forms. 

We ask that while you are filling out and updating information in Powerschool, you also hop on over to the SES Family Directory hosted on the PTO website and update your student’s teacher (and verify your contact info for the year). Please encourage others to join the directory too. The more families included, the more useful it can be.

SES Spiritwear is back! Our Spiritwear designs have been updated and are ready for a new year!  And remember, a portion of all dollars spent come back to the PTO and go directly to enrichment programs at the school! Free shipping on all orders starts 10/2 and runs through 10/19! No minimum purchase required for free shipping!  Just go to

We are searching for Room Parents for each home room. Room parents help facilitate communication between the PTO, teachers, and families. They also help with teacher requests and needs. If you are interested in being a Room Parent for your childs’ class or would like more information, please email the PTO at 

Thank you for all of your wonderful SES support!  As always, if you have questions for the PTO, please reach out to us at

Community News

UVM Extension 4-H

Are you looking for enrichment activities for your students on remote learning days? UVM Extension 4-H can help!

Check out our offerings at

All programs are FREE but registration is required. Programs are developed for certain ages but please inquire if interested.

Some remote learning day activities to think about:

Youth Environmental Summit (grades 6-12):

This year’s Summit will run for 3 weeks with a kick-off on Friday, October 30 and stay open until November 20. This will allow you to attend when it works with your schedule! Using Flipgrid we are building a virtual community learning space with keynotes, workshops, “Be the Change Audio Wall” and more to make sure the sharing, learning, and networking that usually happens at YES will still happen.

4-H Speak Up Contest (grade 3-12):

Part of civic engagement, a key mission of the 4-H program, is helping young people use their voice to drive change in their communities. The 4-H Speak Up contest encourages youth to explore and share their thoughts and ideas. Enter a video for a chance to be heard! Contest ends November 30; a $50 gift certificate will be awarded to the winner in each age category.

Animal Scoops (grades 3-5):

Upcoming sessions on October 7 (Llamas & Alpacas), October 21 (Whitetail Deer), November 4 (Wild Geese), November 18 (Turkeys) from 9-10:00 a.m. Activities include trivia, videos, books and recipes.

Gardening & Nutrition (grades 6-12):

Sessions continue on Oct. 13,  Oct. 27,  Nov 10,  Nov 17, 11:00 a.m. – 12 noon. Explore fall harvesting and how to prepare and preserve your crops.

VTeen Science Exploration (grades 7-12):

Join us every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 – 4:45 pm at our weekly virtual teen science cafe where you will meet a scientist, learn about their work, explore different science pathways, engage in informal discussions and ask questions. We record all sessions. You can see a list of past and upcoming teen science cafes to decide what you would like to watch and then click here for the recordings or register for the live session.

QuaranTeen Time (grades 7-12):

These sessions were held  April – June 2020.  You can see a list of topics and then, to view recordings, click here.

Natural Resource Management Academy (grades 7-12):

This program was offered in July 2020. You can see a list of topics and then, to view recordings, click here.

Distance Learning Socials (grades 3-8):

This program was held April – June 2020. You can see a list of topics and then, to view recordings, click here.

Questions? Please reach out to me at

Lauren Traister

4-H Teen & Leadership Program Coordinator

(802) 888-4972 x 402

Stowe Arena

Helen Day Arts Center

Come and create with a variety of artistic options that changes daily! From weaving, to painting and sculpting, young artists can challenge their inventive minds and curiosity through art. Social distancing and health protocol is our priority, and our creative classroom is outdoors as weather permits!

Mondays 10am-12am or 3pm-5pm

Wednesdays 1pm-5pm

Scholarships available for all levels of need, so register today at

Stowe Arena

Important Dates

October 16: Parent Teacher Conferences via Google Meet or Phone, No School

October 30: Full day, in-person, school day

March 22: Full day, in-person, school day

June 11: Tentative last day of school


Save for Success

Learn to Skate at Stowe Arena

Learn to Skate and Play

Cold and Flu Tips

Chicks with Sticks

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