Spring break is a time to take a break, change your daily pace, and use your time to engage in other activities that you either haven’t had the time to do or have not yet had the opportunity to do so in the past. This spring break is an opportunity for you to be creative, try something new, and explore new experiences. Here are just some of the many options you can take advantage of during your week away from school.

  • Continue practicing skills and reviewing material for your classes- Not sure what to focus on?- Ask your teachers
  • Go on a virtual vacation- explore a place you would love to visit; research the history, culture, music, food, etc
  • Try out a new recipe (maybe it’s a recipe related to food you would experience from your virtual vacation)
  • Learn a new skill such as sign language, playing an instrument, speaking a new language, writing calligraphy, designing origami objects, etc. Teach or show your new skill to friend in a Google Meet or with your advisory
  • Take on Mrs. Muller’s Spring Break Challenge: Design a Rube Goldberg Machine and send me the video of a successful path to complete a task OR complete the Group Challenge- organize a group of peers, meet virtually to design a Rube Goldberg Machine and create a video- here’s the challenge- each part of the path design takes place in a different person’s house or yard- the end of one section needs to look like the start of the next section in the video (For example if the start at person #1’s house ends with a marble rolling through a paper towel tube then the next section, person #2, would start their section with the marble leaving a paper towel tube, and so on. The last section of the video will be the last person that shows the completion of the task).
  • Design Minute to Win it challenges and compete with a group of peers on Google Meet or with your family
  • Go outside and sketch something intriguing
  • Read a book or reread your favorite book; ask a peer if they have the same book at their house- read the book and host Google Meet book discussions throughout the week
  • Learn how to sew masks for you and your family
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum; Helen Day Online
  • Watch a Broadway Show
  • Learn how to fix something that isn’t working in your house
  • Listen to some PodCasts
  • 11th and 12th graders- Take a virtual college tour
  • 11th graders: Sign up for a workshop with our fantastic school counselors, Patti Tomashot and Abbey Allen- build your college lists
  • Create a Spring Break 2020 Music Mix and share
  • Take a walk or hike and take photos of signs of spring- create a digital photo journal
  • Set up a new exercise routine for each day- design it with friends and do virtual workouts together via FaceTime or Google Meet
  • Take an online exercise class; Practice mindfulness and being calm in the moment (Calm.com)
  • Make a movie
  • Design a new board game or card game
  • Design a scavenger hunt and challenge your friends to complete it- their evidence is a selfie with the object or in the specific location
  • Write a short story or poem
  • Take advantage of the optional fun put together by our wonderful and creative music department.
  • Dance Off Challenge – Jump For My Love
    Submissions close Friday, April 24th
    Open to SMS/SHS students, faculty, & staff.
  • Digital Coffee House
    Submissions close: Friday, May 8th
    Watch party: Friday, May 15th, 7:00pm
    Open to SMS/SHS students, faculty, & staff.
  • Raider Music: Music We Make
    Updated daily! This is a recent launch; we’re hoping to see some more submissions soon! Check out all of the great submissions we’ve gotten so far. Open to SMS/SHS students, faculty, & staff.
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Write a short story or a children’s book and illustrate it (great to do with a younger sibling)
  • Detail/Clean the family car
  • Design a fort inside or outside (great to do with a younger sibling)

The list could go on and on. Be creative, engage your mind in different ways, and please remember to practice social/physical distancing.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay positive!

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